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136 disadvantaged families were able to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal complements of the “CTT Angel Donors” and The Pascagoula Wal-Mart Store, that wanted others to share a nutritious holiday family meal.
Thanksgiving is a time of the year where families gather with loved ones to give thanks for the blessings received, lives that have been spared and to remember those who have gone before us. It is a time that we laugh, hug one another and sit down together to break bread and share a feast; Grateful that we have each other.
This year, 1,587 lbs of turkeys and whole hens were provided to families struggling to make their ends meet. Our CTT Angels were determined to make sure that someone less fortunate would be able to set down, laugh, be grateful, share in and make more precious memories; just as they would. They also prepared boxes filled with food to include with their holiday meal. This is their 5th year working together to provide underprivileged families with the main course of their holiday meal.
Let me share one of this years’ Thanksgiving take away. As we reviewed our Thanksgiving list, Andria, a single mother, did not pick up her box. We gave her a call to make sure everything was alright. To her surprise, she was working the graveyard 12 hour shift and did not realize that her thanksgiving pick up had been missed. I could hear the disappointment in her voice. Then I ask her, if she would come to the center when she got off work the next morning, I would meet her there so that she could pick up. She agreed. So, on Wednesday morning, I went to the center. She was waiting. I gave her the box and the turkey. Her eyes opened wide and with a smile on her face, she accepted the food and said thanks. Alvin, her 11 year old son saw the turkey, jumped up and down and said “it’s a turkey!”, “are we having a real turkey?” His mother looked down at him and said yes. Alvin, said YES!, hugged the turkey and skipped out of the building.
Kudos to our “2014 Thanksgiving CTT Angel Donors”.

It is time to build a new warehouse and get a new fork lift so that we can better serve our community !!!

In 2012 Tri-Coastal Community Outreach served 43,187 people
In 2012 1,466,331.53 in non cash donated goods were distributed.
A total of 17,664 volunteer hours were given in 2012.

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